A breif guide to Burj Al-Arab

If you have bought one of the villas, bungalows or City walk apartments for sale in Dubai you must be familiar with Burj Al Arab. It is Dubai’s most iconic building that has dhow plying the waters of the gulf and spits images of Dubai’s past. Besides being a super iconic benchmark, Burj Al Arab is the place where determination, technology and vision fuse together.

Although there are many new amazing hotels in Dubai, Burj Al Arab is still considered to be the yardstick and every hotel is compared against it. Besides, what you see from a distance while driving along Dubai’s Shaikh Zayed, in this blog we would try to separate myths about Burj Al Arab from the realities.

How does it feel to stay in there?

If you wonder whether Burj Al Arab has a standard room or deluxe, you should forget everything, for this fairytale hotel only offers suites!

The suites are all adorned with regal stuff and everything is immaculately placed. In addition, to the perfect ambience, what is surprisingly pleasing about these suites is that they are not as expensive. The fact of the matter is, you would even find amazing deals for your royal stay.

How is the earring experience there?

Burj Al Arab is the perfect hotel for all kinds of fancy eaters. So, if you are a food lover who is always after the most delectable food that is also pleasing to the eye, Al Muntaha would be your best bet.

Ever wondered how would it feel to have dinner underwater?

If so, then turn your fantasy into reality and book a table at Al Mahara. In this restaurant, you would be sitting almost alongside the hotel’s 990,000-litre aquarium. In terms of food, this restaurant expectedly serves an amazing range of seafood.

Other than these two restaurants, there 7 more amazing food spots and bar in this hotel.

Can you enjoy your stay here, if you are on a budget?

Surprisingly yes!

If you are low on money, but you still feel like treating yourself like royalty, you can certainly come here and enjoy some unforgettable perks. However, you cannot show up here just unannounced. That is because this hotel sits on its own artificial island, which is also 300 meters offshore. In addition, you are also required to get past the security gates and drive through the island. In simpler words, if your budget is stiff, you might not be planning to have a night stay and if you are not staying a day or a night here, you are mandated to show any other reason to get the access.

Although, Burj Al Arab is not exactly the cost-effective option, if your salary is average you would not find it excruciatingly costly. Furthermore, unlike other fancy hotels, if you are wandering in Burj Al Arab nobody would ask you to leave. To put it short, in this hotel, as long you have paid the admission fee you can choose any restaurant and cafe to eat and you can also linger here for as long as you feel like.

Does Burj Al Arab offer something extra?

As long you are in Dubai, luxury is one thing that you do need to be least worried about. Burj Al Arab offers luxury transport in fancy limousines, so if you have made your reservation in the hotel, you would be treated like royalty the instant you step out of the airport.

Furthermore, you as the guest at Burj Al Arab can also rent Aston Martin, Ferrari and even Lamborghini. After check-in, you would temporarily be given a gold plated iPad through which you can access all the services of the hotel.

To spoil yourself, even more, there is a Talise Spa, where you are provided with a personal trainer. You also get your own private beach back, you can walk in the magical clear sand and have an amazing me-time. If you do not feel like walking, you get yourself whisked over by the golf buggies.

Other than Burj Al Arab, there are many other fantastic hotels in Dubai. So if you are here for a short while, make your reservation and live like a sheikh. However, if you are staying here for quite a while, we highly suggest you buy a Penthouse for sale in Dubai.