Diy Boyfriend PILLOW Guide Full

Everyone is familiar with the classic boyfriend pillow – it’s round, squishy and makes a great armrest. You can’t hug it or snuggle up to it but for people whose significant others are away on business, military service, etc., using one of these pillows provides comfort that isn’t quite like sleeping with their partners. However, not everyone wants to spend a lot of money on a throw pillow just so they can get the same comfort without being able to cuddle it at night! A much cheaper alternative is available: your full body pillow!

If you have any old full length pillows lying around that are too uncomfortable and pilled to use for their original purposes , put them into service as your own personal new stand-in boyfriend/girlfriend! It’s better than using a comforter or sleeping with the light on. And it’s also a great way to use up old pillows that have already worn out their usefulness.

What You’ll Need:

1 Full length pillow (as described above) How To Make It:   Take your full length pillow and lay it flat in front of you, smoothing out any creases as you go along. Using an ink marker or some other kind of pen, draw the face of your imaginary companion onto the center of the pillowcase where you would put your own head if laying down on it. If you are feeling particularly artistic or just want something original then by all means doodle whatever strikes your fancy.

2 – Piece of cloth in your choice of fabric

3 – Sewing machine [not necessary, but very helpful]

4 – Sticks or dowels

5 – Glue gun and glue sticks (optional)

6 – A good imagination: After drawing out the face on your pillowcase, cut slits for the eyes a little further down from where you drew them as well as vertical slits in between those. This will make it easier to get the eye covers over your imaginary companion’s peepers.  If you like the idea of creating some really intricate eye designs then now is when you can do some beading , quilting, cross-stitching or whatever other crafty decoration might suit.

If you want more details:

Now you can put all things togather( almost)

Start by folding the top of your pillowcase over to create a mouth area and then use small bits of stuffing or fabric scraps to build up layers on either side of the attached mouth piece until you get something that looks like a face. You can skip this step if you want but it will help complete the realism factor, although obviously this is not strictly necessary. When you’re done, sew up any gaps in your ‘face’ with thread and put one cover over each eye leaving enough space underneath for lashes etc. Get creative here – there are no rules!

Now all that’s left ( apart from maybe sewing on some hair) is to attach the stick-on eyes . Heres where having drawn out the placement of the mouth beforehand comes in really handy. Trace the mouth onto some paper, cut it out and stick on to your face.

If you want make a hole for the threaded end of the stick-on eye to come through and sew back up again ( I did) or try this ‘ no-sew method’ instead:

Poke holes with scissors on either side of where the mouth is going to be stitched on – about two finger widths apart . Bend metal coat hanger into shape like so – and place both ends over each marked spot like that in picture 4 (above).

Now stitch around all four sides making sure there’s enough space underneath for some serious movement of that jaw!