Spa etiquette

When people talk about spa etiquette, they often refer to what they wear, what they care for, and so on. I mean more basic. Spa manners.
What you wear depends on the spa. In Europe, wearing a swimsuit, such as in a steam sauna, can be considered unhygienic. But don’t come to a conclusion. Most spas in Europe require corrections. Thank you very much. However, since the basic rules are often not written, I wanted to write down the goodness of spa manners. The important thing is to treat others the way you want. We all sometimes laugh at the spa and swallow the facility, but above all it is important to consider whether our actions are in the way of others. I think some people were upset when I moved to the Sanctuary Covent Garden, so next time I might think twice before doing it.

Whether it’s a gym steam bath or an upscale beach spa, it’s important to remember that people come here to relax and let go and get away from their daily lives. So don’t bother them with your annoying problems. When talking to friends (of course calmly), consider whether it is appropriate to drag in problems at work or in this so-called quiet space relationship. Follow the examples of others. If you have your eyes closed, be very quiet. Many spas, especially hotel spas, also have restaurants and bars if you want to go out and chat. Also, be aware that it can interfere with invisible people. Spa planning is not always perfect and you can enjoy a fun bubble bath right under the treatment room where someone pays a lot of money to relax. If you are in a relaxation room, absolute silence may be the solution. If you need to speak, use “Spa Voice”. What you know, used by all masseurs.

There are several options for dealing with noisy people and groups. I often say, “Excuse me, could you lower it? I’m trying to relax.” Unfortunately, it often puts me more stress than just ignoring or moving forward. Another option is to ask the spa staff to take care of it, but unfortunately many seem to be a little confused when asked to intervene (noisy during my massage). Like my Tuscan massager who doesn’t want to silence a new group). Of course, another way is to bring in your own noise. You can always check if the spa brings your iPod or sound system and likes to use noise canceling headphones. You can find it without disturbing others. A calm one.

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If you use a music player, make sure it is out of the way of others. Should we add that cracking mobile phones, laptops and newspapers is also a potential danger? It’s not just noise. If others try to relax and work, move your work environment to another location.

I recently had a great massage at the spa / hair salon, unfortunately the salon staff was the main culprit in the noise department. Knocking on the door, chatting in the next room, and generally reckless (at some point the dog even barked and I laughed). Best of all, I’m sorry for the masseuse who gave her a relaxing treatment, and I’m sorry for making her look sadly defeated in the end.

Follow hygiene rules such as taking a shower before entering the spa pool. If you want to get a massage and use the facility again, be sure to wash away the treatment oil (but to no avail). Also, if you have a habit of wearing perfume or aftershave lotion, be sure to wash it off before entering the pool. If you’ve climbed the pool while someone’s perfume is in and you’re soaked, you know what I’m talking about. Do not store the sunbed. This is not what you have experienced all over the world spa alsace , only in the United Kingdom. For some reason, it seems acceptable to save space by throwing towels or storing wet towels on deck chairs. Sanctuary Covent Garden has a strict and appropriate policy that seats in the Koi Koi Lounge (or other lounges) cannot be reserved. If you sit here, you can rest for an hour or as long as you like, but once you move in, you can move on. If you’re facing a row of stowed sun loungers, or additional seats and want to sit with them, there are several ways to handle this. You can move the towel yourself. It’s okay to say “I think I forgot my towel”, just as I would walk to a messy person and say “I think I dropped something”.

Alternatively, you can ask the staff if you can pick up the towel. You may forget to leave your towel on your deck chair or leave the spa, especially if you are in the spa (very reckless!). These are for use, not for storage. Can I really say I can’t take it? All deck chairs have covered towels and no one is relaxing, especially when I step into the spa or pool area. Yes, you can leave it as it is when you go to the bathroom or buy a magazine, but not if you have a two-hour lunch at the hotel restaurant.