Ultimate Tourist Guide: Bali’s 3 Best Beaches

Ideally, the holidays are full of good food, scenic wonders and the right combination of hotspots. If you are one of those looking for a wonderful, rustic vacation, Bali’s Humble Island awaits your presence with a loving offer.
Bali is a vacation destination with Togean Dive Center amazing beaches. Great for swimming, surfing and relaxing lounges on the beach. Book your Bali Travel Package during the dry season from April to October. To avoid confusion about which beach to join due to the many options, here is a neat list of beaches you should visit if you are a beach bum.
3 best beaches in Bali:

1. Geger Beach: This stunning beach in Nusa Dua gets a lot of attention from the moment you step into the beautiful white sands. A swimmer’s paradise, Geger Beach provides warm and safe water for those who want to dive. For those who just want to relax and see the endless water … This beach also has something to offer you. There are several charming restaurants, some cozy beach beds, and a massage therapist to relax and rejuvenate your holiday.
2. Jimbaran Beach: Waves and sparkling white sands. If you enjoy Bali’s holiday package, here is another very famous beach. Jimbaran is a beach that is not well suited for swimming, but the sight of the waves and the perfect sunset is something that tourists don’t want to miss. The beach also has an incredible range of endless beach cafes to enjoy your taste at a distance of just 50 meters.
Kuta Beach-5 km long beach discovered by tourists as a paradise for surfers. If you want to learn to surf during a long vacation in Bali, you need to include Kuta Beach in your personal Bali tour package. Kuta is a partially well-kept beach, but be prepared to meet a local vendor trying to market you with rentals of hairblades, massages and surfboards. You can also get a sunbed without any hassle or confusion.